Vacuum Investment Casting

Vacuum Investment Casting

Investment casting can be done in vacuum atmosphere. By this method casting is done in a closed chamber at 10 -3 mbar pressure with no matter which alloys are used. And there is no risk of casting cavities.

Super alloys must be cast under vacuum or inert atmosphere. Super alloys like Ni, Co, Mo have strong affinity to oxygen. If these alloys are melted in air, oxidation reaction occurs and because of the inclusions the parts performance decreases. With vacuum investment casting minimum oxidation occurs. Thus, this problem can be decreased.

Some of vacuum investment casting alloys are;

  • ASTM F 75 (Co-Cr-Mo)
  • Inconel 713
  • Inconel 600
  • Stellite 21
  • Hayness 188 Alloy
  • Ultimet Alloy
  • Special aluminum alloys

Vacuum investment casting is used for castings which have improved quality and performance.. The vacuum cast Nickel, cobalt molibden alloys are using in these industries:

  • Turbine industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Defense industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Medical and prosthesis

High quality castings can be made by vacuum investment casting method. Serpa Investment Casting is proud to be the first and only foundry in Turkey to capable of vacuum investment casting.

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